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Medicinal herbs, possessed of inspired quality, have been very popular in traditional Russian medicine. These herbs are called adaptogens for their ability to adapt a human organism to physical and nervous stresses, to protect from unfavourable environmental conditions, etc.

The common influence of these herbs is in ability to maintain good mood, normalize immunity index, physical endurance, increase the resistance to the deseases, improve memory, mental capacity for work, promote sexual health exerting no harm.

"Baikal Herbs" syrup-tonics are the combination of thestrong herb adaptogens with the mild rose-hips, which fortifying and healthy influence is widely known.

Homoeopathic dose of toning up herbs in combination with Rose-hips syrup makes it possible for people with heavy physical, intellectual, mental overwork to use this product every day.

Шлемник байкальский - Scutellaria baikalensis



The products are made by original Russian technology, that originates from national medicine. Quality, that stood the test of time and generations.

Syrup-tonic OPLOPANAX ELATUS with rose-hips: female sexual health; buoyant spirits; adaptation to climate changes.

Syrup-tonic SIBERIAN GINSENG with rose-hips: motorial activity; mental capacity for work; reduction of cholesterol level.

Syrup-tonic SCHIZANDRA with rose-hips: physical and mental endurance; sharpness of eyesight; sexual health.

Syrup-tonic RHODIOLA with rose-hips: antistress effect; good memory and high rate of thinking.

Syrup-tonic RHAPONTICUM with rose-hips: physical endurance; sexual health; strong immune system.

Syrup-tonic ARALIA with rose-hips: preventive treatment of alcohol and narcotic dependence; physical and mental endurance; antistress effect.

Syrup-tonic GINSENG with rose-hips: general healthy influence; high resistence to deseases; physical endurance. 

Another direction of our of work is: productions of the biological active food additions (BAA). Some of them are: Aralia powder and Rhodiola rosea powder, packed in capsules; Cedar oil and Sea-Buckthorn Oil ready for use.

Пижма обыкновенная - Tanacetum vulgare

Rhodiola rosea: rhodiola rosea roots contains phenil alcohols and their glycosides (salidroside, rhodioloside, thyrasol), flavonoids (quercetin, hyperside, kaempferol), anthraglycosides, tannic substances, terpenoids, sterols, essential oil,carbohydrates, organic acids, lipids, microelements. Rhodial rosea has been classified as anadaptogen by Russian scientists due to its observed ability to increase resistance to a varieny of chemical, biological, and physical stressors. Its claimed benefits include antidepressant, anticancer, cardioprotective, and central nervous system enhancement. Rhodiola rosea also beneficial for the sleep difficulties, poor appetite, decline, in work performance, hypertension, headaches and fatigue.

Contra-indication: high temperature, strong excitement, during hypertonia  crisis. 

Aralia: manchurian aralia roots contain triterpenoid saponins – aralosides A,B and C, essential oils, alkaloid aralin, resins, anthocyans and microelements.

The effect produced by aralosides is similar to the same of panaxosides from ginseng. Aralosides stimulate the central nervous and immune system, they show antistress effect, protect an organism from unfavourable environmental conditions, hypoxia, infections and toxic agents.

Aralia preparations stimulate appetite and take off fatigue.

Contra-indication: heightened excitabiliny, insomnia, hypertonia, epilepsy, hyperkinesias.

Cedar oil: it contains a big number of E vitamin (tokoferol, 56 mg./100g.), vitamins F, A, B. Cedar oil enriches the blood content, prevent the tuberculoses. It helps rehabilitate the male potensy, maintain high ability to work, digest protein and oil in case of liver diseases, pancreas, aterosclerosis, rheumatism. Cedar oil may be successfully applied as part of treatment for many diseases as the nutrition staff for the workers, who deal with harmful toxic staff. 

Sea-Buckthorn Oil: this oil a big amount of carotinoids and other lipids. In addition to lipid fraction, Sea-Buckthorn has vitamins, pectins, micro- and macro-elements. The most biological active part of the oil are sternins. Sea-Buckthorn oil succeeds in healing of wounds. It´s used for burns, for treating a womb erosion, erosion-ulcer proctits, anus cracks and other inflammatory diseases.

Our company is also occupied in stocking up non-timber forest products, that grow in Siberian region, such as:

Cedar nut kernel

Cedar sedeeds are rich in nutrients. seed nucleus contains lipids (55-66 percent), proteins (13.5-20percent), starch, sugars, vitamins. Protein is rich in argnine, lysine, methionine andtrypto phane. Tocopherol content in seed nucleus is up to 33 mg per 100 g. In terms of calories, nutrient index and digestibility coefficient, Cedar nuts exseed meat, creams, etc. For normal functions, human organisms need macro- and micro-elements which participate in biochemical processes. In Cedar the content of such elements is very high. That makes the Siberian cedar´s nutmeat a unique source of mineral substances. Since the old days, the people of Siberia have used the cedar nuts as medicine for treating different diseases such as gastrointestinal tract disfunction, liver disease, gallbladder diseases, etc.

Greater celandine

All harts of this plant contain alkoloides (chelidonine, gomohelidonine, sanguinarine, protropine etc). Besides, it contains saponines, essential oil, ascorbic acid, carotene, flavonoides, organic asids (malic, citric and succinic). Antiseptic effect. Celandine infusion is taken externally in case of skin tuberculosis and hard-recovering wounds, internally – in case of  liver and gall-bladder diseases, stomach ulcer. Celandine herb shows cholagogic, spasmolitic and anti-inflammatory action.

Bear berry leaf

Bear berry leaves contain phenolglycosides (arbutin), tannic substances, flavonoids, organic asids. Bear berry leaves shows great therapeutic effect. It makes a strong antiseptic action for urinary and intestinal systems. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobe and diuretic action. Bear berry leaves remove toxins and residues, increase the resistance from infections. It´s used for treating diarrhea and shows an astringent action.

Cantharellus cibarius

Widely distributed edible mushroom rich yellow in color with a smooth cap and a pleasant apricot aroma. 

and many other mushrooms, berries

and medicinal herbs from Siberian region  

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